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The Traitors | Episode 7 Preview (BBC One)

The last episode of The Traitors was left on another tantalising cliffhanger. Following on from a shock roundtable which saw Traitor, Alyssa, ultimately banished, the two remaining Traitors – Will and Amanda - had the choice of recruiting another player or murdering once again.

With Will and Amanda deciding they’d like to seduce Alex over to team Traitors, tonight’s episode will finally reveal if Alex is swayed or if she will turn down their offer.

A new day and breakfast has the players suspicious as to whether The Traitors have recruited or not.

The day's mission is set to be a tough one as the players get soaked during what looks to be a strenuous challenge and, once again, another roundtable looks full of emotion as Amos decides to point the finger somewhere no one has before. Is his decision the one that brings tears from Rayan, Maddy and Andrea?

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The next episode airs on Thursday night.


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