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The Traitors | Episode 4 Preview (BBC One)

Tonight’s episode may be the most dramatic yet as chaos erupts at breakfast. After the final player walks through the door, Claudia enters to tell the group that no one was murdered last night by the Traitors.

Instead, three players have been carefully selected and put on trial. These three players will be watched throughout the day, with one of them being murdered later that night.

After Claudia reveals the news about the three players on trial, tensions immediately begin to rise and the group start pointing fingers at one another, discussing who they think are Traitors and why.

Tom struggles with the accusations being thrown around the table and can hold his tongue no longer. He jumps up and firmly addresses the room to divulge why he knows that Alex in particular is not a Traitor.

To the group, Tom says: “Guys, straight up. This is a lot. Obviously, we’ve got three people on the line here and I'm going to be honest, I love you all. Alex isn’t a Traitor, straight up. She’s my girlfriend. We came in here as a couple, but we came to try and find Traitors. What we tried to do was come apart separately, hear where there were individual stories, combine them to try and smart out Traitors. She is Faithful 100%, I am Faithful.”

Tom begins to point the finger elsewhere, telling the group his theories on who he believes The Traitors are. Maddy turned to a confused Matt and said: “I thought you were going to get with Alex?”

Alex is equally as shocked as all of the other contestants as her secret alliance unfolds in front of her eyes without any warning. The news is met by shock, upset and feelings of betrayal by almost everyone.

Privately, Tom says: “I just panicked, and I knew I had to lay all my cards on the table in that moment.”

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One, with the first three episodes available on BBC iPlayer now.


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