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The Traitors | Episode 11 Preview (BBC One)

Last night’s episode of The Traitors once again left viewers on the edge of their seats and wanting more. A cliffhanger left Kieran about to meet a Traitor face to face for the first time and be presented with an ultimatum.

A look ahead at tonight's penultimate episode teases an action-packed mission involving blindfolds and bridges – but can the team do enough to add more to their ever-growing prize pot?

Another intense roundtable looks set to have the players even more exasperated as the hunt for the remaining Traitors continues. 'Whoever it is, you’re so good at this’ says a frustrated Aaron.

In the dark of night, around the firepit, it’s the moment of truth for Faithful Kieran as he witnesses Wilfred unveiled as the last remaining Traitor. With an ultimatum about to be served to him, will he accept the offer to become a Traitor for the remainder of his time in the castle? If not, he is to be murdered this very night.

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One. Watch the series so far on BBC iPlayer.


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