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The Cruise: Fun Loving Brits At Sea | Preview (Channel 5)

New series following three groups of holidaymakers on a cruise around the Mediterranean’s most glamourous spots.

Across a week onboard we follow the highs and lows of life at sea and get to take in stunning locations, treats and tipples and the culture and commerce of everywhere they visit. But will worse things happen at sea, or will it all be plain sailing?

For our three lucky groups of intrepid travellers it is Day One and they get to explore the Italian capital Rome before they board the cruise ship Regal Princess as she sets off on a week-long cruise around the Med.

Newbie cruisers and best friends from Leeds, Andy and Rachel toss coins and make wishes at the famous Trevi fountain before indulging in a few scoops of traditional gelato. Cruising pros, The Walker Green family, from the Isle of Wight, combine home schooling and holiday as kids Noah and Maisie learn what it takes to be a soldier at an Ancient Roman battle camp.

And Cruise lover Carla navigates her girl gang straight to the ship as she is keen to get a head start on her mission to convert little sister Jamie to life on the high seas, with a little help from their pal Karen.

After a day exploring all that Rome has to offer, our travellers board the ship ready to check out their new home for the next week before enjoying an evening of mini golf, cocktails and fun as they set sail for Naples on the first night of their holiday.

The Cruise: Fun Loving Brits At Sea begins Monday 14th August at 4pm on Channel 5.


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