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PREVIEW: The Cleaner, BBC One

Comedy with Greg Davies. Wicky is a crime-scene cleaner - after CSI has finished, he mops up any grizzly remains. And you’d be amazed who you can run into at the scene of a crime…

Professional crime scene cleaner Wicky (Greg Davies) has headed to the suburbs to mop up after a particularly grizzly murder: your classic 'housewife finally snaps’ stabbing-based incident.

It’s a pretty standard Wednesday for Wicky, who is working with great speed to finish in time to make it to his favourite curry night at the local. If only he would stop being interrupted by people unexpectedly dropping in on the crime scen - including a mysterious, heavily armed woman (Helena Bonham Carter).

Also starring Paul Chowdhry Shobu Kapoor, Zita Sattar. The Cleaner is written by Greg Davies and is based on Der Tatortreiniger created by Mizzi Meyer.

The Cleaner begins Friday 10th September at 9:30pm on BBC One.

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