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The Airport: Back In The Skies | Preview (BBC One)

It’s mid-October, and after 18 months of travel restrictions, Jeremy arrives in Heathrow to find the airport decimated by Covid-19. Terminals are empty, shops are closed, and staff are starting to return from furlough.

As India resumes quarantine-free flights, Jeremy helps Virgin turnaround officer Claire as she prepares a Boeing 787 bound for Delhi. On board, Jeremy helps deep clean the aircraft before joining the flight team at the gate to hand out PPE and help calm the nerves of frazzled passengers struggling with passenger locator forms.

Next, Jeremy meets Virgin cabin crew member Becci, who is eager to start flying again following furlough. Jeremy joins her on her cabin crew retraining course, where she is put through her paces in drills including loss of cabin pressure and an emergency landing.

As Australia opens up, Jeremy meets the Australian residents desperate to return home, and there are emotional reunions in both Sydney and Heathrow.

The Airport: Back In The Skies begins Monday 9th May at 8:30pm on BBC One.


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