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Tell Me Everything | Series 2 Preview (ITV2)

Picking up where the series left off in series 1, we discover that Jonny and his family have moved to Hitchin – a new house, new college, and a fresh start. Jonny is continuing his journey of recovery, and has started to make friends with other students at college - Naisha, Dylan, Ella and Bex.

Ella is impulsive, often putting herself in dangerous situations. Naisha is newly single, and although she claims to be happy about this, she’s often the third wheel to best-friend Dylan and his boyfriend Tommy.

Dylan has spent several years of his life in care and he is staying at best friend Naisha’s, despite hating the feeling of being the charity case that this gives him. And Bex, who is also new to Jonny’s college, is unsure of herself around this new gang. Together, they face the highs and lows, trials and tribulations of teenage life at Hitchin college.

Eden. H Davies (Tell Me Everything S1) returns to the role of Jonny Murphy. Joining him for series 2 are Nethra Tilakumara (Flatmates, Our Girl) who plays Naisha, George Hawkins (Boiling Point) who plays Dylan, Sophie Ablett (Doctor Who) who plays Ella, Daisy Jacob (Everything I Know About Love) who plays Bex, Levi Mattey (The Tattooist of Auschwitz) who plays Josh, Ammar Duffus (Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince) who plays Luke, and Dylan Brady (The Diplomat) who plays Tommy.

Episode 1: Jonny’s moved to a new town, a fresh start at a new college and a whole new group of friends. Will they help him attract the attention of another new student, Bex? Meanwhile, Naisha is cramping best friend Dylan’s style. And Ella is devastated when an exposing video goes viral.

Episode 2: Naisha finds the double pressure of a health app and her parents too much to take. Jonny and Bex’s romance gets off to a rocky start. Dylan is made to feel like an unwelcome house guest. Ella worries her impulsive behaviour towards Josh is going to have serious consequences.

Episode 3: Jonny is focused, energised, and on top of the world but an exam triggers a setback he didn’t see coming. Ella’s wild behaviour at Dylan’s eighteenth birthday party alarms her friends. Naisha finds herself increasingly manipulated by Josh. Bex comes face-to-face with someone from her past.

Episode 4: Dylan’s excited by the return of his brother, but his suspicions grow about why he’s really come home. Struggling with being held down a year, Jonny finds himself increasingly distanced from Bex. When Ella’s mental health diagnosis is posted online by trolls, she doesn’t know who she can trust. Josh tells Naisha about him and Ella.

Episode 5: When a new best friend talks her into hosting a huge party, Bex quickly realises the price of popularity. Jonny throws himself into a kickboxing tournament. Tensions grow between Dylan and Tommy over Dylan’s recent windfall. Ella confronts Josh, leaving Naisha forced to choose sides.

Episode 6: Jonny fights to win Bex back, unaware of her secret that has consequences for them both. Dylan faces a huge decision about his future. Ella goes on a mission to discover who filmed the viral video of her. As Naisha finds the strength to end her relationship with Josh, she is thrown by his response.

Tell Me Everything returns Thursday 6th June at 10pm on ITV2.


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