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Teen Mum Academy | Preview (E4)

Stripped Monday to Friday on E4. Six determined teens who have already experienced one of the biggest life events there is - becoming mums - embark on a potentially life changing experience, helping to build confidence, relationships, and a broad range of new skills, to aid them in their future careers and their personal lives.

The course is led by former teen mum and successful entrepreneur Jess Lizama, along with a range of expert mentors, who help the young women step out of their comfort zone and guide them through a rigorous and rewarding process, with life lessons and new skills to help take their lives to the next level.

In the first episode, six teen mums and babies arrive at Teen Mum Academy as Jess Lizama prepares to supercharge their lives. The young mums will live together and learn from Jess about what it takes to become a businesswoman. First up, wannabe fashion designer Charlina goes on a professional fashion shoot.

Teen Mum Academy begins Monday 23rd May at 7:30pm on E4.


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