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Taskmaster | Series 13 Preview (Channel 4)

The BAFTA-winning behemoth is back for a 13th series where, once more, Taskmaster Greg Davies' revered golden noggin will be won by the comic who humiliates themselves the least over 10 gruelling episodes.

The latest excitable intake are Ardal O'Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsey, Judi Love and Sophie Duker, who'll try to impress the Taskmaster with their abilities to paint perfectly with their lips, effectively wrangle a cement mixer, and chase Alex Horne around a tree while he's pedalling a tricycle.

The best will be rewarded with points, while the least best will find themselves on the wrong end of Greg's notoriously sharp tongue. Ever-present throughout proceedings is Greg's miniature sidekick, Alex Horne, gripping onto his tablet for dear life and looking very proud of himself for being so ruthlessly efficient in administering each and every task.

In episode one, the lion-like Taskmaster drags five more comics into his lair so that he can pit them against each other and watch excitedly as they lose all dignity while fighting to win his golden-head trophy. Greg's loyal companion Alex is on hand to invigilate their efforts while avoiding a small barrage of fruit.

Taskmaster returns Thursday 14th April at 9pm on Channel 4.


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