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The Incredibly Talented Lucy | Preview (Channel 4)

Following her viral success on Series 1 of The Piano, Lucy’s outstanding talent will be explored further in a one-off documentary which will follow Lucy and her piano teacher, Daniel. The 1x70 commission will delve further into Lucy’s connection to the world around her and how she communicates through music. 

Ian Katz, Channel 4, Chief Creative Officer said:  “In a world full of wannabes seeking their moment in the limelight, The Piano was a breath of fresh air.  It celebrated ordinary people doing something extraordinary for the sheer love of it...

"From the 94-year-old widower who played in Glasgow station to find company to Lucy, the remarkable 13-year-old who stole the ‘nations hearts’.  It took viewers on a remarkable emotional roller coaster and I’m delighted that it will be coming back from more British stations, next year.”

The Incredibly Talented Lucy airs Sunday 5th May at 10pm on Channel 4.


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