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Street Dance: Against The Odds | Preview (E4)

Thirty young street dancers from south Bristol face the biggest challenge of their lives. The Angels Dance Academy, led by charismatic director Charlie Bedford, are aiming to win gold at the world championship hip hop dance competition.

But before the two top teams can go global, they must make it through the national championships in Bournemouth. With a cancelled season and months out of the studio due to the pandemic, it's an uphill battle.

Charlie has a struggle on his hands. He's determined his elite team Dark Angels and his younger, less experienced all-girl team Dominion Premier will triumph and each dancer will have to push harder than ever to prove they deserve a place on the team.

Street Dance: Against the Odds follows the dancers in and out of the studio as they juggle a gruelling training session with their everyday lives. From bin men to college students, and childcare workers to school kids, they grapple with their physical and mental health, friendships and relationships - all their plates spinning at once over five months.

In the first episode, it's just 12 weeks until the qualifying nationals, and Charlie wonders if he's taking on too much too soon and may have to make some drastic decisions that will leave the group reeling. And for the Dominion Premier team, top dancer Rosie aka 'Stadds' has a battle on with mental health and it's impacting her performance in the studio.

Street Dance: Against The Odds begins Thursday 3rd March at 10pm on E4.


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