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Strangers On A Plane | Preview (Channel 4)

In this brand new competition, five competitive Brits battle it out to see who holidays hardest at a popular destination. Each day one of them takes control of the vacation in a bid to prove they're the host with the most.

Although they have the same budget, they all have unique plans and preferences, and one person's idea of holiday heaven could be another's holiday hell... The guests provide a daily score of up to 25 stars on the host's choice of daytime excursion, night out and hotel, as well as reviewing their hosting skills.

But those reviews are shared with the host immediately, which can make things... awkward. At the end of the week the host who tops the leaderboard wins a holiday of their own with spending money.

We're off to Benidorm for the competition's first week, where show singer Wyen takes control of day one. She splashes out on a luxury yacht, books herself a suite on the sly and performs a self-penned song. But tempers fray and the night ends in a heated misunderstanding.

Strangers On A Plane begins Monday 3rd April at 5:30pm on Channel 4.


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