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Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over USA | Series 2 Preview (W)

Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over USA returns to W and this series, the award-winning documentary maker will be checking in for the weekend at a legal brothel, as well as sleepovers at the homes of more extraordinary American families.

Stacey’s first destination is The Mustang Ranch, Nevada’s only female-run legal brothel. She crashes with a modern family in Florida, to find out if three parents - two mums and one dad to be exact, are better than two and finally she spends three nights with a family of off-grid polygamist Mormons in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

During her stay, Stacey Dooley gets involved in all aspects of her hosts lives. From joining the Mormon polygamists in prayer to attending condom training with the brothel’s madams, Stacey shares mealtimes, activities and celebrations with her hosts and explores their unique attitudes to love, relationships, parenting, money, sex and religion.

Warm, eye-opening and unashamedly honest, each episode in this series tells a compelling story of modern American life.

Episode 1: Stacey Dooley spends the weekend at Nevada’s oldest legal brothel and meets the courtesans, clients and madams in charge. Here she questions if legal brothels can act as a solution to the dangers sex workers face.

Episode 2: Stacey Dooley finds out if three parents are better than two as she stays over at the home of a progressive, modern family in Florida made up of two mums, one dad and their three joint kids.

Episode 3: Stacey Dooley stays with a family of polygamist Mormons, who live off-grid in the Black Hills of South Dakota and discovers that farther Jeff is on the hunt for a third wife.

Stacey Sleeps Over USA returns Sunday 17th March at 9pm on W.


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