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The Space Shuttle That Fell To Earth | Preview (BBC Two)

The Space Shuttle That Fell To Earth combines first-hand testimony with previously unseen archive to chart the in-depth story of the space shuttle tragedy.

Hearing from those closest to the story - the astronauts’ families and the staff at NASA - some of whom have never spoken before, this multi-part series reveals in unprecedented detail exactly how and why the disaster happened.

At the heart of the series are the stories of seven astronauts from America, Israel and India.

Extensive and vivid home video footage taken during preparation for the mission and filmed whilst the astronauts were in space - including tape miraculously rescued from the shuttle debris - will bring to life an era that seemed to herald a routine and ever increasing permanent human presence in space.

As plans intensify for a return to the moon, this is a timely exploration of the challenges and inherent dangers of space travel.

With access to NASA’s archives and employees working there at the time, the series will explore the story of one of America’s most iconic institutions, examining the collective decisions made before launch and during the mission, alongside the conclusions drawn by the official investigation into the disaster.

The series will also reflect on the legacy of the Space Shuttle era and how it continues to inspire a new generation of space travel today.

The Space Shuttle That Fell To Earth, a 3x60’, begins Monday 12th February on BBC Two.


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