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PREVIEW: Shop Well For Less, BBC One

In episode one of the brand new series, presenters Jo Page and Melanie Sykes travel to Gillingham, Kent, to help a family kickstart their savings pot so they can finish their hall refurbishment.

The Katnorias have started the job, but it’s now on hold as finding the money to finish it isn’t easy, especially when their four daughters are all keen spenders, love their brands and the family’s favourite saying is “treat yourself”.

Melanie and Jo surprise mum, Bally, and dad, Steve, on their doorstep, having set up a display of their biggest areas of spending inside. Their aim is to find ways the family can cut back and start saving, swapping out some of their bigger brands for cheaper options, as well as using what they’ve already got, without compromising the family’s lifestyle.

Returning to Kent 10 months later, Melanie and Jo discover the family’s shopping habits haven’t changed - and neither has their hallway! It’s time to step in, so Melanie takes an unsuspecting Bally and daughter Hannah shopping for outfits for their next family wedding.

However, she leads them to her own pop-up shop, containing the Katnorias' array of stunning Indian wedding outfits taken from their home. She’s hoping to convince them they don’t need to buy five new outfits each for the next wedding, but can recycle what’s already in their cupboards. Jo also tackles Bally and Steve about the regular drip feed of ‘treats’ that add up each week and are costing them dearly.

Steve’s keen to buy an air fryer, so he and Jo put four to the test to see which he would prefer, whilst Melanie and Bally see if they can successfully iron out some pillowcase creases with a selection of steam-generated irons.

The Great British Public attempt to detect the cheapest and priciest pair of mule slippers, plus do they think it pays to pay more when it comes to a fluffy bathrobe? Four willing volunteers at a Bristol food bank also give some steam cleaners a go to see which one they think is best.

Shop Well For Less? returns Wednesday 11th August at 8pm on BBC One.

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