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Secrets Of Our Universe With Tim Peake | Preview (Channel 5)

Secrets of Our Universe with Tim Peake is an unmissable, premium landmark series that delivers a fun, action-packed and family-friendly exploration of our universe.

Across three mesmerising episodes, Tim will investigate three iconic subjects: The Planets, Stars & Black Holes, and Space Missions. Each episode will share the most incredible stories and exciting revelations on each theme and provides an epic investigation into the big questions.

Each episode sees Tim visit astonishing locations, including the extraordinary laboratory where stars are made and the slopes of a volcano that offers the best stargazing on earth.

He uses an arsenal of techniques to immerse us in his world – from high-end graphics and stunning archive, to going behind-the scenes with the world’s top scientists and the latest discoveries.

In 2015, Tim became the first Brit to live on the International Space Station. It’s now his mission to share the wonders of space. With his unique experience, family-friendly charm, and burning passion for everything cosmic, Tim is the perfect host to take us on a journey to discover the secrets of our universe.

Tim Peake said: “Space is a lifelong passion for me and to be able to share my personal experiences and the knowledge I have gained with the Channel 5 audience is beyond exciting!..

"There is always so much more to learn and uncover – we will never truly know all there is to know about the Universe – but it is endlessly fascinating to me and to people worldwide, and I am delighted to continue my journey into uncovering its mysteries.”

Lucy Willis, Commissioning Editor, Non-Scripted UK Originals, Channel 5 & Paramount + said: “I’m excited that Tim Peake has agreed to take us on this incredible journey into our solar system. I can’t think of anyone better to guide us than a man who knows what it feels like to have walked in space.”

Oliver Wright, Head of Factual & Features, VIS UK said: “We are thrilled to be unlocking the Universe’s greatest secrets with Tim, a man whose unique insight will make this an unmissable treat.”

Secrets Of Our Universe airs on Channel 5.


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