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Scarlett's Driving School | Preview (BBC One)

Scarlett's Driving School returns to BBC One with five new episodes - the second half of the first series which launched on BBC One in February.

Each week, one learner will attend Scarlett’s driving school with a long-suffering family member or friend who has patiently taken on the role of coaching them outside of professional lessons, with little luck ….until now.

She won’t be alone, however, and two professional instructors are on hand at the school to feed crucial tips and advice to the loved ones turned amateur teachers via an earpiece during a five-day crash course.

There’s dual carriageway stalls, burned-out handbrakes, near misses, and navigation nightmares, as the learners bid to finally rip up those L plates and hit the road.

The series is not just about driving – it’s about relationships, helping the couples and taking the heat and stress out of driving.

Scarlett's Driving School returns Monday 2nd October on BBC One.


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