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Russell T Davies: The Doctor And Me | Preview (BBC One)

Russell T Davies: The Doctor and Me (w/t), part of BBC's Imagine... strand of films, follows one of Britain’s most celebrated TV writers as he prepares to once again return as showrunner of Doctor Who.

Back in 2005 Davies was responsible for relaunching the action-adventure series after many years away from TV screens, few could have imagined the phenomenon it became.

And now, in the programme’s 60th anniversary year, he’s back - with two Doctors and bigger ambitions.

imagine… goes behind the scenes at Cardiff’s Bad Wolf Studios to see the adventures of the time-travelling hero being filmed, touring the enormous sound stages and meeting Ncuti Gatwa, the Fifteenth Doctor, ahead of his eagerly anticipated tenure as the Time Lord, after the unexpected regeneration of David Tennant.

Doctor Who is just one of Russell T Davies’ many TV successes, and imagine… traces the evolution of his writing, from his beginnings at Granada, writing soaps such as Coronation Street, to finding his voice as a queer writer on Channel 4’s landmark gay series Queer As Folk and to more recent successes, including 2021’s critically acclaimed AIDS drama, It’s A Sin.

The film will also feature interviews with David Tennant, Helena Bonham Carter, Olly Alexander, Sally Wainwright and Caitlin Moran.

The documentary airs Monday 18th December on BBC One.


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