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Rock Till We Drop | Preview (BBC Two)

Martin Kemp and Lady Leshurr search for incredible musicians over the age of 64 to form two rock‘n’roll bands. Both mentors hold ‘open mic’ sessions to find the bands' lead singers.

Martin is looking for a soul voice, while Lady Leshurr is searching for someone who can mix rock with reggae. The mentors need someone with charisma to excite a crowd at the Isle of Wight Festival, where the two bands will go head to head in just six weeks’ time.

Lady Leshurr meets 67-year-old Martyn, a part-time postman with frontman attitude. Meanwhile, Martin is wowed by 74-year-old Jimmy from Newcastle, who once sang with Tina Tuner but just missed out on hitting the big time.

The teams hit the road to find their band members. Martin's music director Toby finds a guitarist who used to play on the same bill as Marvin Gaye but now lives in a bedsit in Bath. Lady Leshurr is moved by the quiet talents of 77-year-old keyboardist Spike. And can Martin really select 95-year-old jazz drummer Roy to anchor his band?

With time ticking down to the Isle of Wight Festival, Martin and Lady Leshurr must decide on their lineup as soon as possible. Neither are completely sure whether they have they have found the right blend of musicians. And, most importantly, will they be good enough to wow a screaming crowd of up to 60,000 fans?

Rock Till We Drop begins Tuesday 01st March at 9pm on BBC Two.


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