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Rise & Fall | Episode 3 Preview (Channel 4)

Rise and Fall, Channel 4’s new reality series presented by Greg James, continues all this week at 10pm. In tonight’s third episode…

…In the Basement

New arrival, fashion merchandiser Rossi, gets to know his fellow Grafters. However, he isn’t too worried about making friends, saying: “My game plan is to be a little bit of a lovable, funny rogue and then have a bit of two-facedness about me. I’m here to win the goddam thing so if I have to piss people off, so be it.”

As Builder Jack struggles to stomach the Grafters’ broth, the gang hear news of their next Work Shift – working as food testers… pet food testers.

Working together on a production line, the Grafters must clear plates of pet food, ranging from biscuits to beef chunks in gravy for big dogs. Taking spoonfuls from each passing dish, the Grafters must eat everything on the plates before they reach the end of the conveyor belt. The amount banked for the prize fund will rise with each increasingly bigger portion of delicious dog and cat food.

How many plates the Grafters must eat is up to the Rulers. It’s a Work Shift for a strong constitution and it’s one that leaves more than one stomach churning… Will they be able to keep the pet food down to build the prize fund up?

…In the Penthouse

After winning the rise vote last night, Receptionist Marina settles into her new life as a Ruler and takes charge when the Rulers oversee the Grafters’ Work Shift tasting pet food. “Having been a Grafter, I have that knowledge and the Rulers have been making decisions based off not knowing what it’s like to be down there. They haven’t experienced what I’ve experienced.”

Tensions rise amongst the Rulers as they start to question each other’s motives and game plans. While trainee nurse Cheryl makes her feelings known about postal worker Prince, Marina and communications officer Rashika clash and everyone wonders who to trust.

Later, the Rulers must vote for who will be next to leave the fall and leave the competition…

Meet the new Grafter

Name: Rossi

Age: 39

From: Norfolk

Occupation: Fashion merchandiser

Rossi believes he can win anyone over with his sense of humour and he’d love to put it to the test. Fashion merchandiser Rossi has already built a loyal following with his humour – his TikTok has enough followers to fill Wembley Stadium three times over!

Rise And Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.


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