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Rise And Fall | Episode 8 Preview (Channel 4)

Rise and Fall, Channel 4’s new reality series presented by Greg James, continues tonight at 10pm. In tonight’s action-packed eighth episode…

…in the Penthouse

New Ruler Connor must make the casting vote to determine who will fall from the Penthouse and be eliminated from the game. Matt and Marina have received two votes each and Connor’s original vote was for Marina. Will he stick to his first decision?

Later, the Rulers receive anonymous feedback from the Grafters who don’t hold back in saying what they think. The comments are brutal, with one of the Grafters telling Conner, “You can’t be trusted,” while Cheryl is told: “Your days are numbered.”

…in the Basement

Spirits are high and bonds grow. Jack and Sydney continue to be close, but there’s a true bromance developing between Jack and Rossi who are fast becoming the best of pals – with Rossi even hoping to keep a pair of Jack’s pants for himself.

Eddy, meanwhile, is losing patience with Jeff whose snoring is keeping the Basement awake night after night. “Jeff is starting to grind my gears at the moment because he snores really badly.”

Things only get worse when Eddy believes Jeff to be chief suspect in using the same bowl in the shower the Grafters use for mixing bread. It’s quite the mystery no one will own up to and Jack finds it hysterical: “Eddy’s come in fuming this morning. Someone’s washed their nuts in the bowl we cook food in... No one’s going to own up to putting their b******* in the f****** bread bowl.”

As the Rise vote looms, the Grafters learn two of them will be able to move up to the Penthouse. Jack thinks its time for him and Sydney to rise, continuing the plan set in place with Connor, James and Marina. Jeff also wants a third shot at becoming a Ruler. Who will the Rulers choose to join their ranks?

Rise And Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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