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Rise & Fall | Episode 7 Preview (Channel 4)

Channel 4 reality series Rise & Fall, hosted by Greg James, continues tonight at 10pm. In tonight’s seventh episode…

…In the Penthouse

Before new Ruler Connor has time to settle into the Penthouse, he must make a massive decision and choose one of his fellow Rulers to fall to the Basement and replace him as a Grafter. Connor: “Going from no power to loads of power – it’s just insane.”

An elimination vote looms with Connor immune from falling but still being able to vote. The original Rulers worry they’re now at risk with Connor having such a strong alliance with the other former Grafters in the Penthouse.

Connor discusses how he could vote: “There’s three former Grafters now. It looks like the Grafters have come up and formed an alliance. I haven’t considered Marina or James because I feel like they’ve earned their way to the Penthouse.”

Connor also lets the Rulers know he doesn’t shy away from difficult decisions, leaving James and Marina a little concerned. Connor says: “I’ve made horrible decisions. My best friend was my senior at work and I had to dismiss her. I’ve had to make some f****** shit decisions. We’re still friends.”

In the Red Room, the elimination vote is tense. No one wants to leave but only Connor is safe. When the vote returns a tie with two Rulers receiving two votes each, all eyes are back on Connor as he must make the final decision and decide who will be next to fall from the Penthouse and be eliminated from the game…

…In the Basement

Today’s Work Shift to try and add money to the prize fund sees the Grafters become waste disposal workers. Their job is to clear rubbish out of a sewage tank underneath festival toilets. They must work in pairs with one person in the swage tank clearing the rubbish while the other takes it to weighing scales. To successfully complete the Work Shift, the rubbish collected by all Grafters must hit the target weight before the time is up. It’s dirty, it’s cold, it’s slippery and it’s very very smelly.

The Prize Fund is in dire need of money after the last Work Shift was a failure. There’s £15,000 up for grabs but will the Rulers push the Grafters hard enough to make them earn it?

Later, the Rulers reward the Grafters with the gift of hot water, but it comes with a hefty price tag - £6,000 deducted from the prize fund. The Grafters have only had cold showers since entering the Basement, and it’s not a popular decision in the Basement. Eddy: “We’re all absolutely furious. There’s being empathetic and then there’s just being stupid.”

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.

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