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Rise & Fall | Episode 6 Preview (Channel 4)

Rise and Fall, Channel 4’s new reality series presented by Greg James, continues tonight at 10pm. In tonight’s sixth episode…

…In the Basement

Another ballot to secure the votes to Rise looms and tempers flare in the Basement as the Grafters debate who to send up next. Connor lost the last Rise vote but is campaigning once again for another opportunity to move to the Penthouse. Jack wants his shot at Penthouse life too, continuing the plan he and Connor set in place with Sydney and James, who is now a Ruler.

Meanwhile, Jeff, Moses and Sophie build an alliance and plot to get Jeff voted into the Penthouse. As Jeff throws his hat into the ring, he clashes with Jack who accuses him of being “slippery”.

Connor sums up the mood: “Things are very intense at the moment. People don’t know where to vote, who to vote for, people are starting not to trust each other down in the Basement. It’s insane.”

…In the Penthouse

An emotional conclusion in the Red Room sees the next Ruler fall from the Penthouse and be eliminated from the game.

Tensions continue to mount amongst the remaining Rulers and nurse Matt and receptionist Marina face a test of their leadership skills when they oversee the Grafters next overtime shift. Matt is starting to doubt Marina, saying “I do not trust Marina, she has not proved she is a competent leader.”

The Rulers must decide which Grafter will be next to join them in the Penthouse and become a Leader. They must pick between the two chosen by the Grafters, with the result of this vote being the first time former Grafters will outnumber the original Rulers in the Penthouse. They must choose wisely…

Rise and Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All 4.

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