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Rise & Fall | Episode 13 Preview (Channel 4)

After the Rulers lost £14,000 from the prize fund, power was handed to the Grafters to vote for either Jack, Moses or Rossi to fall. Who will pay the price for their indecision and be next to leave the Penthouse and be eliminated from the game?

With just two more elimination votes left and two more chances for Grafters to rise until we find out who the last Rulers standing are for the final, it’s now or never for Eddy.

“I would like to rise tonight, my strategy is to wait this game out and rise when it felt natural. Have I left it too late? It would be a shame not to at least have the opportunity to get to the Penthouse….

“If you’re not in the Penthouse, you’re not going to get an opportunity to win the prize. My family home is quite a large house, but I’ve pretty much got no money. I’ve had to graft extremely hard. There’s no leg ups for me. Hard graft in work will always get you to where you want to go to.”

Eddy isn’t the only one who wants to become a Ruler. Isaak wants a shot at a life of luxury and believes only he and Eddy deserve the chance.

The Grafters vote for who will be next to rise to become a Ruler. Three Grafters with the most votes will be able to visit the Penthouse to meet the Rulers, before the Rulers choose two to join then. However, this time, the new Rulers will not be immune from the next elimination vote.

As well as Eddy and Isaak, Sophie also wants another opportunity to become a Ruler and Ramona is chomping at the bit to be a leader again. Ramona says: “I swear if I don’t get into the Penthouse soon and throw these d***heads off their seats, I’m going to lose the plot.”

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.


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