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Rich Holiday Poor Holiday | Series 3 Preview (Channel 5)

This entertaining and often funny series reveals the home truths about our class system as two families exchange holidays, activities and budgets to find out if money really does buy happiness on holiday.

From campervans to windy campsites and luxury villas to uber-expensive alpine resorts: who will have the time of their lives? When we pack our bags and head for our holidays, do we just want to stick to our side of the wealth divide.

Marco is a restauranteur who owns a celebrity restaurant in Kensington, and holidays with best friend Paul who owns an exclusive chauffeur business. Their respective businesses put them in the top 10% of UK earners. The pair, who've been friends since the age of six, travel to the most glamourous destinations, spending on average one £1,000 a day on holiday on champagne, private yachts and gourmet food.

Mum Cheryl and son Harvey are at the opposite end of the wealth divide. Cheryl works as a support worker and Harvey, who lives at home, works in a factory. Trips abroad are a far reach for this duo who usually enjoy camping holidays and son Harvey has never travelled abroad.

In this swap, mum and son Cheryl and Harvey, who are used to budget British breaks, jet off to the super-rich playground of Dubai, for a five-day five-star holiday of a lifetime. How will introvert Harvey react to the ultra-extravagance of this super glamorous destination? Will money bring them true holiday happiness?

Meanwhile, millionaire sun lovers Marco and Paul head out on a motorhome road trip to Surrey and Southend-On-Sea. How will this pampered pair fare when it comes to basic cooking and not to mention who'll be emptying the toilet. The question is: did they remember to bring their towels?

Rich Holiday Poor Holiday returns Sunday 13th August at 9pm on Channel 5.


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