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Rescue: Extreme Medics | Series 2 Preview (Channel 4)

The ground-breaking medical documentary series returns, taking the viewer direct to the front line of trauma. Rescue Extreme Medics follows elite clinicians as they race to deliver complex, life-saving treatment in some of the most challenging terrains in Scotland.

With exclusive access to the Scottish Trauma Network, each programme follows super-skilled medics as they use helicopters and rapid-response cars to make it to the scenes of the most serious of accidents, no matter how remote.

Each episode follows the story of three traumas, from the emergency phone calls coming into Ambulance Control to the treatment in the countryside, all the way through to the hospital and rehabilitation.

In the first episode of the new series, an air ambulance is dispatched to the island of Mull, where 23-year-old rally driver Scott has rolled his car down a 20-foot embankment. In Glasgow city centre, the Trauma Team fight to save the life of 40-year-old Kenneth, after he was hit by a bus and dragged under the wheels.

And the coast guard helicopter flies to a remote sea loch to attempt to rescue 45-year-old Sally who has fallen 15 feet down a waterfall.

Rescue: Extreme Medics returns Monday 15th May at 9pm on Channel 4.


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