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Andrew: The Problem Prince | Preview (Channel 4)

The series features the twists and turns of palace intrigue, secret conversations and the Queen's involvement, told through the lens of the infamous BBC Newsnight interview that shook the monarchy to its core in November 2019.

With exclusive interviews and unprecedented access, the series provides a unique perspective on the prince's life, offering an in-depth look at the chain of events that led to his downfall.

The documentary features interviews with renowned journalist Emily Maitlis, who gives a first-hand account of the nerve-wracking preparations and the interview that forever changed Prince Andrew's life. The series also features Sam McAlister, the BBC Newsnight producer who spent over a year negotiating the interview with the Palace and securing the scoop of a lifetime.

Using rare archive footage, as well as exclusive interviews with palace insiders and those who know Prince Andrew best, Andrew - The Problem Prince (w/t) unravels the web of scandal that led to his spectacular fall from grace. The series examines his ill-fated relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, which ultimately led to the Newsnight interview.

Structured around the interview, the series explores his early years as the "enfant terrible" of the Royal Family to his heroic status as a Falklands war hero, his dubious business connections and descent into infamy.

Andrew - The Problem Prince airs Monday 01st May at 9pm on Channel 4.


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