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The Princes In The Tower: The New Evidence | Preview (Channel 4)

In this revelatory landmark 1 x 90’ minute documentary The Lost Princes (w/t) Channel 4 will open up one of English history’s greatest mysteries in a continent-crossing journey with Philippa Langley and Rob Rinder.

Powered by remarkable new discoveries and years of research, Philippa – the writer who located the final resting place of Richard III – has teamed up with criminal barrister Rob Rinder to deliver an immersive investigation that will call into question everything we think we know about this notorious incident in our royal past.

Did Richard III orchestrate the brutal murder of the two young princes, his nephews Edward and Richard, as Shakespeare claimed? Or does this famous cold case contain a more complex truth?

A decade on from making worldwide headlines with the spectacular discovery, exhumation and reburial of Richard III, Philippa is back – this time armed with a stack of fresh leads provided by her team of researchers from across the globe.

The Lost Princes (w/t) follow Philippa and Rob on a road trip that will take them across seas, into archives and deep into the heart of medieval Europe. Can they find England’s missing royals?

Rob Rinder says: “To be part of unlocking and investigating one of history’s most fascinating unsolved mysteries is quite special and I look forward to people coming on this journey with us.“

Philippa Langley says: “It's been an extraordinary journey filming The Missing Princes Project and its (now) seven-year cold case investigation into the mystery of the Princes in the Tower...

"By throwing out old mythology and starting with a clean sheet we were able to bring evidence-based research to life on our screens, revealing the most remarkable discoveries, and writing a new chapter in the study of this centuries-old puzzle. For all those interested in history, and this enduring mystery, this feature-length documentary is going to be unmissable viewing.”

Malcolm Brinkworth, executive producer says: “After years of determined research, Philippa Langley and The Missing Princes Project have unveiled a series of revelations that could revolutionize our perspective on a notorious period in royal history – the enigma of the Princes in the Tower. Through Rob Rinder and Philippa’s eyes, audiences will be taken inside this immersive and exciting new phase in the search for the lost princes.”

Emily Shields, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 says: “The question regarding the fate of the Princes in the Tower remains one of the most persistent mysteries in British history. I’m thrilled to collaborate with Philippa Langley, Rob Rinder, and Brinkworth Productions on this landmark documentary for Channel 4 – all built on the remarkable research of people from across the UK and Europe.”

The Princes In The Tower: The New Evidence airs Saturday 18th November on Channel 4.


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