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PopMaster TV | Preview (More4)

Hosted by the legendary Ken Bruce, it's the much-loved formidable quiz that challenges music fans from around the country to recall facts and stats about chart-toppers and beyond.

Covering music from the 1950s to the present day, players compete to impress with their knowledge, with each episode winner advancing to the Grand Final, where only one can be crowned PopMaster TV champion.

In the first heat, five players battle for a place in the end-of-episode Original PopMaster. Only one can remain victorious and secure a place in the Grand Final. Will the winner hold a silver or gold disc? The 3-in-10 round is all that stands in their way.

Ken Bruce said: "After all these years we are finally bring PopMaster to the telly where we'll be challenging music lovers from around the country to not only recall a range of facts and stats about chart toppers and beyond over the decades, but to do so under the glare of studio lights and with the added pressure of television cameras. I can't wait to get started - and find out whether I might have a face for TV after all!"

Michael Mannes, MD 12 Yard Productions said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Ken Bruce, the inimitable PopMaster, recreating his iconic music quiz into a must-see TV show for More4. Ken will be playing the tunes, testing both the players and audiences alike to engage their musical knowledge across the decades.”

PopMaster TV begins Monday 26th June at 8pm on More4.


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