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Perfect House Secret Location | Preview (Channel 4)

In this brand-new property series, Steve Jones road tests his unconventional approach to house-hunting in a bid to transform people's lives.

At a time when for many of us where we live is less important than how we live, this series sees Steve take four families to some incredible dream homes.

But there's a twist... they have absolutely no idea where any of them are!

Can Steve help these house-hunters find their perfect homes by encouraging them to focus on the 'what' without getting hung up on the 'where'? And when the locations are finally revealed, will they do the deal and turn these dream properties into their perfect homes?

In this episode, Steve helps childhood sweethearts Steffi and Jimmy McGeoghan find a house with sufficient space for their three young children, Steffi's mum Siby and Jimmy's home office.

Steve's mystery tour around the UK takes them to a seaside house with a first-floor garden and beach bar, an old Post Office, a mock-Tudor home and a seven-bedroomed Georgian pile with a wine cellar. When Steve reveals the locations of all four properties, the McGeoghans revisit their two favourites. But will they make a life-changing move from west London?

Perfect House Secret Location begins Thursday 17th March at 8pm on Channel 4.


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