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Open House: The Great Sex Experiment | Series 2 Preview (Channel 4)

It's sexperimentation time once again, as more curious committed couples visit an extraordinary retreat to explore opening up their relationships with sexually liberated residents.

In this first episode of this new series, builder Connor and full-time mum Kirstie are interested in bringing another man into their relationship and want to start the process by having a threesome.

But after connecting with resident Nathan, things go off the rails in the bedroom due to Connor's confidence issues. When presented with a second chance, can Connor overcome his insecurities?

Also interested in opening up their relationship are married parents Chanice and Richardo, who, torn between a threesome or foursome, face an unexpected issue: can they find a resident who is attracted to them?

The whole series will be available to stream or download following the transmission of this episode on Thursday 18th May.

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