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Nurses On The Ward | Series 2 Preview (W)

Narrated by Anita Rani, this UKTV Original series for W returns for a new second series, following the dedicated nurses of Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Nurses on the Ward follows the nurses from home to work, on day and night shifts, revealing the realities of life on the ward. There are remarkable stories, heart-warming camaraderie and the humour of life in the hospital, as we follow the ever-demanding challenges todays’ nurses face.

In Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital’s Emergency Department, newly minted Matron Steph [pictured] is helping her team on the floor care for patients, including 79-year-old Gordon who suffered a sudden loss of consciousness at home.

On the Critical Care ward, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Caroline is treating the sickest patients in the hospital, when she’s fast bleeped to an incoming emergency in resus - a woman who’s been in a serious car crash. On the maternity ward, midwife Amy is looking after mum Charlie and her husband Oli, who are expecting their second baby.

Nurses On The Ward returns Thursday 13th July on W.


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