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Newark, Newark | Preview (Gold)

Newark, Newark is set in the small working class market town in the East Midlands and follows pugnacious chip shop manager and exhausted matriarch, Maxine (Morgana Robinson), as she tries to ride out her divorce and find someone who actually lights her fire.

However, it's easier said than done with her big -mouthed, soft -bellied, son, Leslie (Jai Hollis) dramatically coming out as gay to the surprise of no one and her dullard ex -husband, Terry (Mathew Horne), trying ever more desperately to win her back.

There’s also her mother Pauline (Beverley Callard) who can’t help meddling with her love life. With family and love at its core, Newark, Newark captures the goofy, sticky oddness of long English summers and the joyous, comforting and somewhat ridiculous things that go on in a small town .

In episode one, it’s Maxine’s (Morgana Robinson) 40th birthday but her 16 year old son Leslie (Jai Hollis) has big plans to hog the spotlight. At a rainy English barbecue party, things go awry when some unwanted guests arrive.

The series also starts Nina Wadia as Heather, Jessie Mae Alonzo as Amber, Vahid Gold as Rudy, Saskia Chana as Claire and Bo Poraj as Dariusz.

Newark, Newark begins Monday 28th March at 9pm on Gold.


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