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Nadiya's Fast Flavours | Preview (BBC Two)

Nadiya Hussain kicks off the series with her take on comfort food, and every recipe is fizzing with flavour.

A classic macaroni cheese is transformed with the addition of evaporated milk for richness, Worcestershire sauce and yeast extract for depth of flavour and crushed cheese puffs for the ultimate cheesy kick.

Nadiya then shares her tried and tested recipe for beef vindaloo, letting us into kitchen secrets passed down from her mum and grandma, as well as treating us to her time-saving trick for the perfect paratha.

Next up is Nadiya’s twist on classic French toast, swapping eggs for a comforting custard and a standard syrup for a bejewelled maple and pistachio crumb. Finally, Nadiya turns her attention to her first love, baking, and rustles up a feel-good ice-cream cake, packed with fresh blueberries for zing and fennel seeds for a wonderfully unexpected hit of citrus.

Across the series Nadiya also wants to shine a spotlight on the skills of some of the country’s incredible cooks and food writers who share her passion for flavour. This week, award-winning food writer Olia Hercules shares her recipe for borscht, a comforting but complex vegetable and herb broth that brings back happy childhood memories of family life in the Ukraine.

Nadiya's Fast Flavours begins Thursday 11th November at 8:30pm on BBC Two.


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