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Streets Of Gold: Mumbai | Preview (BBC Two)

Observational documentary series shot across the busiest months of the year in India's most glamorous city; Mumbai.

The numbers tell the story of India's emergence as an economic super-power. In 1999 there were two Indian billionaires. Today there are hundreds. Mumbai is home to India’s ‘Bollygarchs’ and has the highest density of billionaires anywhere outside of China, Russia and USA.

The Indian subcontinent was the planet’s largest economy for most of the last two millennia. Three centuries of colonial rule ruined that legacy. But the noughties saw India enjoying the fastest economic expansion in its history. The sun was shining on the Super Rich. The three-part series provides privileged access to some of India's wealthiest people.

As the mercury rises across the summer months, the series follows life inside India’s most famous hotel, The Taj, as well as the tallest apartment block in India with its 75 floors of eye-wateringly luxurious – and expensive - real estate. Aboard motor boats and trips to the exclusive coastal resort of Alibag, this is India like it’s never been seen before.

Executive Producer, Teresa Watkins says: “It’s an incredible time to be making this series. This is India’s Gilded Age and we found the ‘haves’ to be jaw-droppingly rich while the ‘have-nots’ remain destitute, but the air’s electric with opportunity.”

Clare Sillery, Head of Commissioning, Documentaries says: "We are living in an age of exponential growth and change which can be challenging to capture in documentaries. In Mumbai: City of Dreams the incredible access that Forest have opened up promises to give our audiences a front row seat in the action.”

Streets Of Gold: Mumbai begins Monday 8th January at 9pm on BBC Two.


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