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Mrs Brown's Boys | Series 4 Preview (BBC One)

Return of the comedy starring Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown, the loudest, proudest mother in Ireland.

Agnes is feeling down in the dumps, and granddad’s bowel movements aren’t helping matters. The place is a mess, and she can’t seem to get any sleep and to make things worse, Maria’s home remedies end in disaster. Will the family show some much-needed and long overdue appreciation for poor Agnes?

Brendan O’Carroll said: “This mini-series was actually planned for 2021. Having been thwarted twice, firstly by Covid-19 and then by a post Covid shortage of studios, it’s fantastic to, at last, have the chance to make it happen. Fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your hats!”

Josh Cole, Head of Comedy, BBC Studios and Steven Canny, Executive Producer said: “There’s no one quite like Mrs. Brown. An absolute force of outrageous wit and slapstick that has audiences hooked and belly laughing. It’s great to be back.”

Mrs Brown's Boys returns Friday 8th September at 9:30pm on BBC One and iPlayer.


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