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Matt Baker: Travels With Mum & Dad | Preview (More4)

Matt Baker and his family are back! With the demands of rural life and their animals, Matt's mum and dad, Janice and Mike, have barely spent a night away from their organic Durham hill farm, so Matt's keen to give them some well-earned excursions to remember within easy reach of home.

Matt's secured the keys to several world-class landmarks on their doorstep, all revealing the secrets of their beloved North East, as they relive old memories, make new ones and most importantly, make time for each other.

In this first episode, the Bakers go behind the scenes at Bamburgh Castle Estate, one of finest coastal fortresses in the country, situated right on one of the most beautiful beaches you could hope to visit.

Matt gets up close and personal with the inner workings of some amazing antique engineering and discovers cattle roaming the sand dunes, while tea-loving Janice learns how to blend Earl Grey on the very spot it was invented before a chance meeting with some rare breed dogs.

Mike also has a memorable experience with a vintage luxury car closely linked to the castle, and the Bakers end their trip with a very special surprise from Bamburgh's owners, Frankie and Claire.

Matt Baker: Travels With Mum And Dad begins Wednesday 30th March at 9pm on More4.


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