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Matt Baker's Travels In The Country | Preview (More4)

After a lifetime exploring the countryside of the UK, Matt Baker travels across the Atlantic to experience rural life in the USA. Crossing Florida, Texas, Arizona and California, Matt meets the people working the land and preserving its world class landscapes, immerses himself in rural traditions and gets up close to the local wildlife.

In this first episode, Matt explores some of Florida's rich and varied countryside - from rolling hills to subtropical wilderness - that's rarely seen by visitors to the state.

Starting off in Pasco County, he visits a cattle farmer with a passion for keeping Florida's farming traditions alive: hand cutting sugar cane to boil into syrup, operating vintage machinery and discovering the tradition of cowboy poetry.

Moving to the Florida Keys at the southern tip of the state, Matt heads out to the American mainland's only barrier reef, diving down to help with the largest coral reef restoration effort in the world. Matt explores the Everglades - America's largest subtropical wilderness, twice the size of County Durham.

He explores it with the Miccosukee tribe who've called this land home for hundreds of years, before heading deep into its forests to meet a man who's helping to rid this environment of its biggest invasive menace - Burmese pythons.

Matt Baker's Travels In The Country begins Wednesday 12th April at 9pm on More4.


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