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The Marlow Murder Club | Preview (Drama)

Retired archaeologist Judith Potts (Samantha Bond) lives alone in a faded mansion in the peaceful town of Marlow, filling her time setting crosswords for the local paper.

During one of her regular evening swims in the river, Judith hears a gunshot coming from her neighbours’ garden, and believes a brutal murder has taken place.

When the local police are reluctant to believe her story, Judith finds herself forming an unexpected friendship with local dog-walker and empty-nester Suzie (Jo Martin) and unfulfilled vicar’s wife Becks (Cara Horgan) as they team up to start an investigation of their own.

After uncovering a vital piece of evidence, the trio are brought in as civilian advisors to assist the official police investigation, led by newly promoted DS Tanika Malik (Natalie Dew), who is under pressure to prove herself to her superiors.

As the bodies begin to pile up, the unlikely group of sleuths must use all of their skills to piece together clues, grill suspects, and face down real dangers as they race against the clock to stop the killer in their tracks.


Retired archaeologist Judith Potts’s (Samantha Bond) peaceful evening in Marlow is shattered when she witnesses the murder of her neighbour. With the local police, led by newly promoted DS Tanika Malik (Natalie Dew), reluctant to believe her story, Judith starts her own investigation, enlisting the help of vicar’s wife Becks Starling (Cara Horgan) and local dog walker Suzie Harris (Jo Martin), who has also become personally involved in the case.

Following a trail of clues left by an antique gun that was used as the murder weapon, the gang suspect the owner of the Marlow auction house and a local weapons collector, but hit a dead end


With the revelation that there’s going to be another murder, the team are in a race against time to stop the killer. Realising that their skills could help solve the case, Tanika (Natalie Dew) goes out on a limb, bringing Judith (Samantha Bond), Becks (Cara Horgan) and Suzie (Jo Martin) into the police investigation as civilian advisors.

The trio are suspicious of the owner of the local rowing club, but can’t find any evidence against her. Their next lead takes them to the pompous local lawyer, who they suspect is hiding something. The women carry out a thrilling heist, breaking into his offices to steal vital hidden evidence, which turns out to be the key to unravelling the entire case.

Meanwhile, Judith must grapple with a secret from her past that is threatening to resurface. It leads her into a dangerous confrontation as she risks her life to set a trap that will catch the killer. Will Suzie and Becks be in time to discover her plan and save Judith from the murderer?

The Marlow Murder Club begins Wednesday 6th March at 8pm on UKTV Drama channel.


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