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Love In The Flesh | Preview (BBC Three)

Five couples who have only ever dated online are about to meet for the first time for the date of a lifetime. They will spend one week together in a luxury Greek beach house getting to know each other and finding out if their online connection means they can have a chance of a relationship in the real world.

Kwame and Jess have been chatting online for five years, but Kwame wouldn’t agree to appear on screen, so Jess is worried that Kwame is a catfish. Hannah and Brandon's relationship has been hot and steamy since they connected six months ago on a dating app, but will the heat be the same in the flesh?

Millie and Shelby have been talking online for ten months and are both hoping that they have found the one. Chibz and Shazelle connected via Instagram two years ago, with Chibz falling head over heels straight away.

But things have been rocky since then as Shazelle stood him up on the two dates they’ve arranged so far. He’s not convinced she’ll turn up this time but is hoping the lure of a week in a beautiful Greek beach house might do the trick. Will she show or blow?

Online couple Christos and Niki both have Greek roots and share similar family values – Christos has even talked to Niki’s nan. Both are hoping that they are a perfect match in real life, but who knows what the week has in store.

Love In The Flesh begins Wednesday 23rd March on BBC Three.

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