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Long Lost Family: What Happened Next | Series 8 Preview (ITV1)

Over the past 12 series Long Lost Family has taken on more than seven hundred searches, reuniting family members who have been missing for decades and finding relatives people didn’t even know existed.

But these meetings are only the very beginning. In this series we revisit seven searchers to discover how their lives have changed since finding their missing relatives, asking how easy is it to build a relationship after a lifetime apart, and what happens when searching doesn’t exactly go as planned. This is the series where we find out ‘What Happened Next’.

In episode one we catch up with two searchers who both grew up as only children, and were desperate to find their family; Joselyn Taylor had been searching for her brother, James, for over 20 years, and Roy Sibblies was looking for his birth mother, after discovering at 18 that he was adopted.

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next begins Tuesday 4th April at 9pm on ITV1.


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