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Long Lost Family | Series 13 Preview (ITV1)

Long Lost Family returns with a thirteenth series. Presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, it tells extraordinary stories of people desperate to find missing family, tackles mysteries that no one else has been able to solve and answers questions that have haunted entire lives.

Episode 1 follows two very different stories of men searching for family and the truth about their beginnings. Paul Connolly had a brutal childhood, put out with the rubbish as a baby in East London and raised in care.

Having built his sense of identity from scraps of information, he was nonetheless shocked by what a DNA test revealed about his father. He hopes Long Lost Family can help him find someone who shares his paternal DNA – and there are some uncanny coincidences in store.

Shaun Lawrence had a happy adoption with wonderful parents but was always curious about his birth parents. When he began looking into his adoption, he made a remarkable discovery: his birth parents got married a year after he was born and went on to have two more children.

Desperate to understand why he was given up, Shaun comes to Long Lost Family with the extraordinary request to find his entire family.

Long Lost Family returns Monday at 9pm on ITV1.


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