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Location, Location, Location | Series 37 Preview (Channel 4)

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are back with a brand-new series, featuring all-new house-hunters making life-changing moves.

Some have had their priorities changed by living through the Covid pandemic, while others are finding they just can't navigate the fast-moving property market on their own. For all of them, there can be no better help than Kirstie and Phil!

The new series kicks off in the north east of England with two sets of house-hunters who have decided now is the time to move back up north from down south. They want to enjoy the open countryside and beautiful coastline, alongside the vibrant towns and cities, and are also hoping that their money will get them an amazing home here too.

Phil's in Northumberland with Lauren and Noel, who are moving 200 miles up the M1 from Northampton. They previously renovated a cottage, so have their hearts set on character, but that's hard to match with their desire for a family-friendly home and garden in their top town of Morpeth. Phil shows them a wide variety of options, each of which could be the dream home.

And Kirstie is on hand to help too, except when she decides to play a practical joke on Phil! Meanwhile, Kirstie is with solo buyer Charlotte, who has moved back from London and wants to get out of her childhood bedroom and into a home of her own. She's made offers but has always been outbid, so Kirstie helps Charlotte accept a reality check, while still trying to find the right balance between coast and city.

The next episode will be available as a first look on All 4 straight after the transmission of this one on Wednesday 18th May.


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