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Life After Love Island: Untold | Preview (Channel 4)

Tens of thousands of people apply to Love Island each year, attracted by the possibility of not only romance, but also fame. An entire industry has sprung up designed to propel former contestants into a glamourous career as a celebrity influencer.

Broadcaster and reality TV podcaster Will Njobvu investigates what happens to contestants after they leave the show. After the cameras are gone, does reality live up to the hype?

Will meets former contestants, finding out who has made it and who has gone back to a more regular, 'normal' life. Featuring interviews with past winners Paige Turley and Finn Tapp, Jessica Hayes as well as insight from more recent contestants, like Coco Lodge, who are still struggling to get a foot in the influencer door.

Industry experts shed light on some of the surprising revelations of life after the limelight, and some of the most popular Love Islanders from past series also share their stories, including Wes Nelson, Shaughna Phillips, Priscilla Anyabu and Eve and Jess Gale.

Life After Love Island: Untold airs Tuesday 10th January on Channel 4.


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