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Kelvin's Big Farming Adventure | Preview (BBC One)

Strictly winner Kelvin Fletcher has bought a 120-acre farm in the Peak District. With zero farming experience, he has a baptism of fire as he tries to find ways to make it pay.

Strictly winner, racing driver and soap star Kelvin Fletcher has spent most of his working life playing a farmer on Emmerdale - now he’s attempting to do it for real. Like tens of thousands of other Brits in the past year, he’s escaped his urban roots and moved his family to the country to start a new life. And he hasn’t done things by halves.

Kelvin and his wife, Liz, have bought a 120-acre farm on the edge of the Peak District National Park, which they plan to bring back to its former working glory - despite having zero farming experience. A month in and the jobs list is mounting, along with their stress levels. It’s a baptism of fire, but luckily for them, their no-nonsense next-door neighbour, Gilly is on hand to help.

Before investing in their own livestock, Kelvin and Liz get some hands-on experience with Gilly’s flock of sheep, but the harsh realities of animal husbandry soon hit home. The sight of a sheep’s maggot-infested foot is too much for Kelvin to bear and he starts to wonder if this new life really is for him.

Kelvin's Big Farming Adventure begins Monday 17th January at 8:30pm on BBC One and iPlayer.


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