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Jeremy Pang’s Asian Kitchen | Preview (ITV)

Join Chinese chef, cookbook writer and cookery schoolteacher Jeremy Pang on a culinary journey filled with the tastes of Asia.

Jeremy’s aim is to inspire a nation of enthusiastic and adventurous home cooks to try more Chinese and Asian recipes themselves, and he’s on a mission to prove that delicious Asian food shouldn’t just be from your local takeaway… it’s really not as complicated you think!

In each episode, Jeremy will travel the UK, revelling in its landscape and meeting different food producers and sampling a huge variety of ingredients which he will use to cook up a unique Asian dish - through the series, viewers can join Jeremy in his classroom kitchen where he tutors wannabe wok star Joe Swash.

Jeremy will show Joe how to make a new dish each week, helping him on his journey to become a skilled wok master. In his own kitchen, Jeremy will whip up savoury and sweet dishes showing just how easy it is to cook amazing Asian food at home.

Every episode of Asian Kitchen is packed with incredible food, filled with flavour, delicious recipes, useful hints, tips and hacks to make this style of cooking achievable for everyone.

Begins Saturday 18th June on ITV.


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