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Inside The Factory | Series 8 Preview (BBC Two)

Gregg Wallace, Cherry Healey and Ruth Goodman return for a brand new series of Inside The Factory on BBC Two.

Inside the Factory explores the fascinating processes in the factories that produce some of our favourite products. Whether it’s learning how millions of individual chocolates are wrapped at high speed, or uncovering the surprising techniques used to create leather boots, the series is a celebration of manufacturing in the UK and beyond.

In the first episode of the new series, Gregg Wallace steps inside a huge Yorkshire puddings factory in Hull to learn how Aunt Bessie’s produces a staggering 500 million Yorkshire puddings every year.

Meanwhile, Cherry Healey visits one of the country’s largest wheat storage depots, where wheat is tested before it can be milled into flour fit for Yorkshire puddings. She also teams up with food scientist Barbara Bray to learn how to cook the perfect gravy for a Sunday roast.

And historian Ruth Goodman bites into the history of the roast dinner and helps a chef master the art of washing up Tudor-style.

In the second episode, Gregg Wallace explores the Jelly Bean Factory in Dublin to reveal the incredible processes it employs to make ten million colourful little sweets every day.

Cherry Healey visits the University of Birmingham to learn about the important role glucose plays in our bodies, and she visits a lipstick factory to discover how one of the ingredients in jelly beans plays a key role in the production of her lippy.

Historian Ruth Goodman is serving up the history of jelly and delves into the story of post-war pick‘n’mix.

Inside The Factory returns Wednesday 27th December on BBC Two.

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