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Inside Our Autistic Minds | Preview (BBC Two)

Working with autistic people who are each at a key point in their lives, wildlife presenter, Chris Packham, will take a deep dive into their minds, immersing himself in their everyday experiences, observing and learning about the unique ways these individuals sense and interact with the world.

He’ll also introduce them to people who may be able to answer their questions about their particular experience of autism. Then, working with leading CGI, VFX and animation facilities, they’ll use their shared expertise to bring these personal interior worlds to life.

Jack Bootle, BBC commissioning editor, said: "This is a fascinating project. After the success of his multi award-winning documentary, Asperger’s And Me, I’m delighted that Chris is continuing to explore the autistic experience with the BBC."

Inside Our Autistic Minds begins Tuesday 14th February on BBC Two.


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