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Huge Homes With Hugh Dennis | Preview (More4)

In this brand-new show, Hugh Dennis takes us inside some of the most incredible houses in the UK, to find out what life is really like when you live in a massive home.

In each episode, Hugh visits three houses where he's given a tour by the owner and gets the answers to the questions we've always wanted to ask... how many boilers do you need to heat a castle? How long does it take to vacuum 100 rooms?

An expert team of historians and architects give Hugh the inside track on every home, while he uncovers hidden rooms, historical secrets and ingenious design features.

From an ancient Scottish castle and a wild Welsh island fortress, to a cutting-edge eco-mansion and a splendid (but haunted) Jacobean stately pile, Hugh meets the people who live inside these wonderful walls, and finds out what the estate agents would never tell you!

In this first episode, Hugh Dennis visits three splendid huge homes, each with their own unique challenges.

In Surrey, Hugh maximises his step count in a converted Victorian water tower. This vast vertical home needed vision to design, and takes stamina to live in, but it's worth the climb for the rooftop views.

In Wales, a coastal fort on its own island makes for a wild home, exposed to the elements and at the mercy of the waves. But with 40 beds to choose from and a private nightclub, it has its own unique charms.

Finally in Scotland, a 15th-century castle with 100 rooms and a private chapel holds many secrets, including the story of a mysterious windowless room in one of the turrets. Will Hugh ever escape?!

Huge Homes with Hugh Dennis begins Thursday 01st September at 9pm on More4.


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