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Hot Mess Summer | Preview (Prime Video)

Prime Video commissioned new six-part reality series, Hot Mess Summer, hosted by Rylan Clark. The series is produced by Fremantle and will launch on Prime Video in the UK and Ireland in February.

Eight party-loving Brits, all a liability on a night out, are challenged to spend the summer on the other side of the bar—running one of Zante’s busiest party spots.

The eight hedonists all think they’re coming for a summer of fun, but have really been nominated by their friends—who are sick of their antics on nights out—to successfully run the bar at the height of holiday season, doing everything from mixing cocktails to cleaning toilets.

If they can work together and resist temptation they could share a big cash prize. But that’s easier said than done for these hilarious Hot Messes.

The cast: Alfonso (26), a motorsport mechanic; Amin (24), a personal trainer and model; Choe (26), a dancer; Dan (26), a physiotherapist; Daniella (25), a car salesperson and ring model; Jay (24), currently unemployed; Liv (25); and Rebecca (26), a eyelash technician.

Rylan said, “Hot Mess Summer is going to be funny, entertaining, chaotic and everything you’d expect from a Zante bar. But our eight party lovers are hopefully going to take away real life lessons as they go from being the party animal to having instrumental roles in running a successful bar. All I’ll say is that it’s not as easy as it sounds...”

Hot Mess Summer lands Wednesday 7th February on Prime Video.


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